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Surface carving causing heinous geometry artifacts on export

P3nT4gR4mP3nT4gR4m Posts: 1,089 Poster of the Week
I've come across some truly revolting geometry artifacts which happen when carving on surface constraint using a really tiny sphere brush.

Best way to explain it is compared to the effect you get on the outside of a mesh when adding tiny claysphere and you run over a corner at enough of a tangent and it shoots those little perfectly straight "wires" across the gap. I'm guessing anyone who's used tiny sphere clay add constrained to surface will have seen them, right?

Well this most grotesque of glitches seems to be related to that but instead of "wires" it's firing miniscule tubes right through the mesh but, if they're small enough, they don't form complete tubes but kind of break off into little fragments of pointless polygons, inside the mesh itself. 

Worse still, if you're unlucky, the point on the surface where the tube originated can get seven shades of messed up on export as geometry gets sucked inside the mesh, polys flipped and intersected and all manner of gross and yucky.

Here's a pic where I'm looking through the surface of a cube-shaped mesh, with the tubes marked. It's kinda confusing pic cos I'm sticking my head half inside the mesh but those bits I've highlighted are not visible. Only way to fix it is to add clay over them but this is fiddly cos they can go right up to the surface and working inside the mesh is disgusting at the best of times.

Here's a drive link to the sculpt.


  • P3nT4gR4mP3nT4gR4m Posts: 1,089 Poster of the Week
    Bump! @MattHickman - anything you guys could come up with to help with this? Maybe a  cleanup pass on save and export? 
  • MattHickmanMattHickman Posts: 313 Oculus Staff
    Oh sorry, thought I'd responded. Yeah, like you mentioned in your post this is something that has been around since launch at very small sizes and/or resolutions. It's a tough one to solve for, we are working on making sure everything is water tight and such but running automated cleanup stuff can be tricky. I'll kick it over to graphics guys, I know it's on their mind, so specific use cases like this are helpful. At the very least know that mesh integrity on export is an ongoing optimization effort so it's the sort of thing that should see incremental ongoing improvement. 
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