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No more than 8 pages of panoramas supported in 360 photos after update

sixfingerssixfingers Posts: 2
wtf? I can no longer see my photo panoramas (in my 360 pictures folder) if there are more than 8x6=48 of them. Tried reinstalling 360photos, no luck. In order to see the newest ones I have to delete older ones. It just wouldn't increase the number of pages in the My Photos section - it increases for the other categories.
 It worked until the update. Anybody else having that problem? It's a pain since there's no alt viewer for higher res, Samsung's photo viewer is lo res crap.


  • tuidslabtuidslab Posts: 2
    Yep, I'm getting the exact same problem. Spoke with support and they asked me to logout, remove everything Oculus/Samsung related and then reinstall. It doesn't seem to have helped. Now trying it on a different phone with a fresh build. 
  • tuidslabtuidslab Posts: 2
    Same behaviour on a brand new phone. What I've seen on the fresh build:

    New photos take a long time to appear in the App.

    Oculus Photos 360 App now seems to take photos from anywhere on the phone, not just the Oculus/360Photos folder. Because of the delay in appearing I tried putting some photos in the DCIM folder as well (as a Gear360 demo photo suddenly appeared). All of these photos eventually appear in My Photos in the 360 App, but not in folders

    Sometimes the App shows other content in the My photos app e.g. the new or global images

    Looks like favourites has gone as well :-(

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