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Oculus App Runtime Close Unexpectedly Gear VR

LuisWikiLuisWiki Posts: 1
Hi I just got the Gear VR and follow the steps to install all the required apps in my S7 edge SMG935T (android 7.0).
- Plug in VR and then unplug
- It install several thing and then opened Oculus store
- Once there it made 4 updates

When it finished the problem comes when I plug my phone in the VR and put the headset on it say that "Oculus App Runtime Close Unexpectedly" Please Help me, what should I do ?


  • RhumpleRhumple Posts: 2
    For me the issue only occurs when I click the randomize button for creating an avatar. I already tried uninstalling all VR apps from the settings, restarting my phone, connecting back to the headset, and then downloading the recent version of Oculus but it is still happening.

    I have the Gear VR 2 and am using the Samsung Galaxy S9+
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