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Rift demos on Mac: shouldn't the screens be roundish?

DreamwriterDreamwriter Posts: 1,101
edited November 2013 in General
I downloaded a few Rift demos from the Share website for my Mac at work, in advance to getting a Rift tomorrow. But all of the demos including Tuscany use the entire half screen per eye, not the somewhat rounded shape seen in every video. Am I doing something wrong? Do the demos switch to that rounded shape only when mirroring from the Rift? Do I need to install the SDK?

I'm trying to have everything setup beforehand because, well, it's work and I won't have a lot of time for Rifting there, and everyone in the office is going to want to try it out.

Also: there really doesn't seem to be much Mac support at all, something like 12 demos total, is that just the official Share site?


  • drashdrash Posts: 2,849
    That's actually fine. If you don't have the Rift plugged in, then yeah the images displayed for the eyes will be square as there is no lens correction applied. The game actually gets the necessary information from the Rift itself to figure out what kind of lens correction to apply so without the Rift it just doesn't do it.

    As for Mac demos other than what's up on Oculus Share, there seem to be over 100 listed at, and 20-25 Mac apps up at if you wanted to use that as a launcher. If there is a demo you really want to try that has no Mac release, you could try finding bugging the developer for an untested Mac build or something.
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