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Oculus Software causes 100%Disk Usage within a few minutes of launching (on WIN 10)!!!

ChunkyToadsChunkyToads Posts: 14
Brain Burst
edited April 2017 in Support

Hey guys, I found a VERY GOOD workaround for those having the 100% Disk Usage issue. I was running into the same problem myself, with constant freezes, and ultimately crashes.  After attempting all the typical things to lower disk usage (ie stop superfetch, windows search, etc), to no avail.  I eventually noticed the main issue seems to occur whenever the Oculus Home, a loaded game, and the additional files required all run in cohesion.  A primary offender seems to be the "OVRserver_x64".  

 In my situation I've been able to fully resolve the issue with a quick workaround, at least till Oculus fixes this directly.

  1. With only 8GB of DDR3 Ram, I was able to use Asrock's FASTram program to create a RAMDISK (and set at 3GB).  *You can also use any other available program for creating a typical RAMdisk.
  2. I then proceeded to download aomei's free 'vrBackupper' program ( to transfer the Oculus files off my main HDD to the RAMDISK 
  3. Now you will need to format the RAMDISK to an NTFS format, before attempting to move anything, or vrBackupper won't do it! Also you may want to open Oculus Home and click 'finish install" for any games that need it, only took a few minutes.  This keeps things from stalling out during the file move. 
  4. Close Oculus Home after you are finished repairing any games if necessary. 
  5. Then use vrBackupper to move the files easily over to the RAMDISK.
  6. EVERYTHING launches smoothly now, no freezes or crashes, and disk usage stays under 50% the entire time now, no matter what game I run.  I know this workaround requires some free ram, but honestly let's face it 8GB is bare minimum for running WIN10 these days, so it's something that should work for almost anyone. I also use iobit's Advanced System Care for easily keeping ram usage down, IF that ever becomes an issue... but it's usually not.  NEways, I HOPE THIS HELPS :) Good luck with the CPU issue, I didn't run into that. IMPORTANT NOTE!!! Since by their nature RAMdisks wipe and reset everytime you power down your PC, I found it best to simply drag and drop the complete 'Oculus' Folder from your RAMDisk and onto whatever USB flashdrive you've got hanging around... (once everything has been setup correctly as listed above) That way when/if it wipes out at some point, you can drag and drop the files from the USB back onto the NFTS formated RAMdisk, and will all run as before (only takes a few seconds).  A slight pain in the butt for now, but hey it works, without crashing your game or PC every few minutes :)
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