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How to check whether a in-app has purchased or it has been canceled by user.

yftindiayftindia Posts: 4
i have successfully implemented In-app in my Game and in-app has been calling but when I didn't purchase a in-app(cancel purchase of in-app) although my levels are unlocking.
Please help me.


  • yftindiayftindia Posts: 4
    @cybereality, can u please help us related to In-app issue. When i cancel a In-app purchase in my Game although my levels are unlocking. Can u please help in In-app implementation in unity as where we have to put our level unlocking code in script when user purchase a In-app or what we have to do when user cancel a In-app purchase. Please reply as soon as possible bcoz of this problem we are not able to submit our app.
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