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Multiple Oculus Devices and Account association questions

adifazioadifazio Posts: 1
Hello All, 

Our company recently purchased multiple Oculus Devices all with Touch Controls. I am aware that with the touch controls come the bundle of games including Robo Recall and others. Here is the dilemma/question.

We installed the first set of hardware on PC A. I using my Oculus account was logged in during the setup and once everything was all said and done had the games in my library. Played Robo Recall and others. 

We then decided to setup the second set of hardware. When we did so, my account was still being used. So now, if another employee creates an account, they are unable to get the bundle of games. In my account I only have the 1 set of serials associated with the headset and sensors. 

How can we associate the new account with the new hardware to get the game bundle on multiple machines?


  • KevinakiKevinaki Posts: 214
    Nexus 6
    @adifazio I know this reply is late but have you figured it out or contacted customer support?
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 3,407 Power Poster
    edited July 11
    The free games get linked to the account in use when you activate the Touch controllers for the first time. You'll have to open a support ticket and see if they can reassign the games that have been doubled up on the same account.

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