Creating a custom faceplate for the CV1 (without a 3D printer) — Oculus
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Creating a custom faceplate for the CV1 (without a 3D printer)

HiThere_HiThere_ Posts: 1,275
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Some of the reasons for wanting to create your own faceplate :
- You broke your faceplate and sent it for repair.
- You want to try increasing your field of view.
- You can't fit your glasses into the CV1's default faceplate.

Part 1 : Creating a paper prototype (proof of concept, and getting the size right)

- You need a pair of scissors, sellotape, and a sheet of thick paper (~200 grams per square meter).
- Cut one narrow band (~2.5cm) and one thick band(~6 cm) of paper.
- Stick them together into one single long band.
- Shorten and wrap that paper band around your CV1 (wrap outside the headset's box and video cable, but inside the CV1's side branches).
- I suggest sliding the paper band inside the CV1's top strap, so the paper band doesn't slide off the CV1.
- The thick half of the paper goes above (inside the CV1's top strap), the narrow band of the paper goes bellow (nose part).
- Stick the two ends of that single band of paper into a loose loop surrounding the CV1 box : The band must be loose enough for you to be able to push your nose into it, but not too loose.
- TAKE OFF YOUR GLASSES and try it out : Tighten up the paper loop if the CV1 is dropping down your nose, loosen up the paper loop if the CV1 is pushing too hard onto your nose.
- If your eyes are too close to the CV1's lenses, it's because your paper loop is not wide enough, and you should create a wider one.
- Push the band of paper higher up or lower down your nose, then raise/lower and twist up/down the CV1 until you get a comfortable fit and view as you usually do with the default CV1 faceplate.
- If you find some parts of the paper loop are getting in your way, you can just tear them right off with your fingers.
- Once it works you can try it with your glasses on : Make sure the paper bands are wide enough so you don't go permanently scratching your CV1 lenses with your glasses !!!
- You can try further customization to improve the design, such as folding the edge of the top part of the paper loop, so a wider surface of paper can rest on your forehead.

If you did it right, it's not very comfortable, removable, adjustable, washable... but it's usable, it increases your field of view (depending on the width of the two paper bands you cut out), and you can now fit wider glasses in the CV1 (works with my ~15cm wide glasses, which don't fit into the default plastic faceplate at all).

If you did it wrong and/or don't like what you got you can stop reading here, or maybe try improving the two widths and the length of your paper loop to find a better custom fit for your own face.

Part 2 : Creating your custom faceplate

- Replace the paper bands with some comfortable (black) cloth. Something slightly elastic might work out well.
- Replace the sellotape with (black) velcro.
- Your custom faceplate is now more comfortable, removable, adjustable, washable... then it's paper prototype was.
- You're done, feel free to launch your kickstarter if you think enough people will be too lazy to do this themselves.

Warnings :
- I didn't try this for stability with heavy action titles (intensive titles that make you throw your head around).
- Because your face will be closer to the CV1 with the custom faceplate, you will need to tighten back the 3 default CV1 straps.
- Don't go damaging your CV1 lenses with your sellotape, scissors, glass lenses... They scratch easy and you'll hate yourself if you do.
- Try at your own risk (don't go sticking a corner of the paper loop into your eyes...).
- If you have problems breathing : Try putting the bottom part of your paper loop ON TOP OF your nose, instead of bellow it :P

PS : I don't know how practical this is (I just tried watching a video with my paper version, to confirm that I could now use my 15 cm wide glasses with it), but I'd like your feedback, including what improvements you made, the comfort level of the cloth version, and what kind of cloth you used... Or maybe just the name of a company that sells working 15+ cm wide plastic faceplates for the CV1 really :)

PPS : I did this mostly to fit my 15 cm wide pair of glasses into the CV1 so I could find out just how much I was missing out on not being able to use them by default (which turns out to be : A LOT), and the increased Field Of View was just an added (and very welcome) bonus. Just make sure you don't overdo that Field Of View increase by reducing the width of the custom faceplate too much, or you or someone else will end up damaging your super fragile CV1 lenses for sure.


  • jimmyjelljimmyjell Posts: 4
    That's quite helpful, I have tried this after reading, I failed to create as I wanted it, But it also not that bad, I was improving in and my machine stuck. I work with Lenovo customer service. From there I got some curiosity
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