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Audio mirror and SteamVR

brmmbrmmbrmmbrmm Posts: 7
The audio mirror option available under oculus settings/device is great, but i can't get it to work when launching steam games- even those with dedicated oculus mode. Any ideas anyone?

i'm using the bat2exe method of reusing an existing oculus app and making an exe of the same name from a bat that launches the steam app. When i'm in oculus home the audio mirror works fine but as soon as i launch the game it reverts to windows default audio.


  • danknugzdanknugz Posts: 1,988
    in my win10 i just have the rift as the default audio device and never had an issue with steamvr sound
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  • brmmbrmmbrmmbrmm Posts: 7
    I was hoping that by running a steam app from Oculus home the Oculus audio settings would apply, but apparently not. What I'm trying to achieve is this:
    1) Outside of Rift I want monitor audio as default
    2) When in Rift I want rift headphones as default mirrored to buttkicker. Needed primarily for running a Steam game - Aerofly FS2 which isn't available on Oculus home but is one of the best VR experiences you can get

    Options for this:
    1) Launch SteamVR with audio mirror enabled - sets off other steam / openvr things I don't want
    2) Use Voicemeeter - was too flaky for me
    3) Use audiorouter - needs manual config each time as doesn't remember app settings

    Any better ideas anyone?
  • WemyssBoyWemyssBoy Posts: 1
    Hi brmmbrmm,  hope this helps, like you I love AeroflyFS2 enhanced with Buttkicker.  I use separate headphones ( having removed the Oculus ones) and use my Onboard digital sound selected in Windows 10. The headphones are connected to the y lead for your Buttkicker.   This works really well except in FSX SE version, where I have found that I have to use Rift sound as the default in W10, which then precludes the Buttkicker. 

    Give it a try :)
  • TastelessTasteless Posts: 3
    I finnaly got ALVR to work on my Go. still no steam audio. for now I use headphones on pc

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