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So I had an idea.

TheArcheaonTheArcheaon Posts: 614
edited November 2013 in Oculus Share
I had an idea for kids/teenagers that have trouble with school + kids that are having trouble in school in general (including college students). I thought'd it'd be interesting to see an app where you're in a virtual class room, and its like a school/tutoring section (which you could go online and download any subject you want to learn) I mean this could range anything from learning how to program/video-photo editing/learning another language/ or just doing an online elementary/highschool.

What do you guys think of this idea? Personally I think it could help people in the future (either wanting to learn something new or helping kids learning in general.

Edit : I'd also think it'd be amazing for people who want to learn another language, because just simple textbooks (and teaching yourself) is pretty difficult.
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  • raidho36raidho36 Posts: 1,312
    I graduated something like 7 years ago, but I can still remember that going to school is just plain waste of time, and overwhelmingly boring as well, none of which are good grounds for learning things.

    Instead of creating a virtual class room, you should create an educative app, that gets you to learn History (some kind of RPG maybe, where remembering all that stuff matters for game progress), Math and Physics (engineering game maybe?), et cetera.

    Ever noted how World of Tanks players, no matter the age, can remember all tanks' characteristics down to decimals? Exactly.
  • Just started working on a similar project with clasroom + various school related rooms (one with simulation on DNA-Replikation, one with the operation Valkyrie assasination attempt etc.) for a project I'll present in Germany March 2014. Still have a lot of work though...
  • FritoFrito Posts: 924
    i think that attemps against the social side of teenage education, but in the future... who knows
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