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Unplayable due to lag

jason.m.langjason.m.lang Posts: 1
Game looks pretty, is fun when it can be played but I have experienced nearly unbearable lag the last few days.


  • lovethislovethis Posts: 3,256 Poster of the Week
    edited May 9
    Would be helpful to know the specs of your PC.
  • HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 195 High Voltage Software
    @Jason.m.lang, Sorry you're having a bad experience. It would actually be helpful to know your pc specs or Samsung phone version if you're on Gear
  • Wa5t3dW1zardWa5t3dW1zard Posts: 2
    I'm having the same problem on Gear VR. I use a galaxy 7 edge. I used to play all the time without any problem, But picking it up again yesterday the audio was awful with or without headphones and I'd get an overheating warning before I finished a single game. Honestly unacceptable. It's frustrating the dev would release a patch that breaks the game like this.
  • HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 195 High Voltage Software
    There are many device-isolated variables that can cause performance issues considering the amount of computing power required to run VR. Have you downloaded any new applications since last playing the game? Maybe ones that operate in the background of your device? @Wa5t3dW1zard