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Oculus Software help!!!!

TREED10TREED10 Posts: 3
I have had my oculus for about 5 months now and have yet to be able to get it to work, after tech support insisted i upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7, I had hoped it would work.... But now when i install the file it gets me up to the point where i need to log in and disables all my mouses and keyboards. I have even tried using wired ones, but did not work. This tech support is horrible and has failed to reply since trying to inform them that their troubleshooting didn't work. I need help I cant get a refund evidently because they won't reply to me whenever I ask them. I just want to play the thing I built a $1600 custom for.


  • Hiro_Protag0nistHiro_Protag0nist Posts: 4,980 Valuable Player
    I'd say there is something wrong with your PC.  You used a wired keyboard and mouse - and what doesn't work when you use those?  Do they get disabled when you need to log in too?

    Also, could you explain what didn't work when you had Windows 7 installed - what stage did you get up to - had you installed the Oculus software?

  • Hiro_Protag0nistHiro_Protag0nist Posts: 4,980 Valuable Player
    Just noticed in another thread you had SLI enabled - you must disable that and plug both the monitor and Rift into 1 card - the main one.  Might as well just unplug one of them.
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