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Feature Request: Transform Gizmos and Improvements to Line Constraint

HarvesteRHarvesteR Posts: 2

I've been using Medium a lot recently to do concept art. It's unbelievably powerful for creating complex scenes (that I later paint over in a sketching program). After some time using it though, I've come to miss a few things that I think would be really helpful.

Something I do a lot is modeling mechanical-looking objects, and for that, I use shapes from the brush library a lot. The problem I often run across though, is that there is very little help for precisely positioning objects, so I frequently find myself attempting to put down a clay stroke, then undoing it because it's misaligned, and trying again and again until I get it right. The line constraint tool helps a lot with that, but it still takes a lot of eyeballing and do-undo attempts to get a line down right.

For things that need very precise placement (imagine trying to model something like a space station or a building), I often use layers, so I can place the clay without much worry about being spot on, then I move the layer into place, and then merge it into my working layer. The trouble with this is that it's very hard to get the positioning right sometimes. The layer might look properly aligned from one angle, but when you rotate the model you see that it's crooked in another direction... 

Anyhow, the point is that there's a lot of frustrating trial and error in attempting to model anything with some degree of precision. 

To improve that, I'd like to request a transform gizmo feature, to enable precise, single-axis translation/rotation/scaling over layer positioning.

The gizmo could be accessed by clicking either thumbstick (neither are assigned any functions at the moment, AFAIK). Gizmo handles could then be selected and moved by grabbing them and push/pulling them around.

Another potential improvement for precisely laying down clay, would be to add an alternate line-constraint mode, where the line is  first defined by holding a button (possibly the same thumbstick used for gizmos in support mode) to place the first point on the line, then dragging it to place the second point. The line would then stay put allowing you to precisely add/remove clay.

One more quality-of-life feature I'd like to see someday, is being able to rotate brushes along a second axis, increasing the number of possibilities when placing lines using brushes. Right now, it only seems possible to rotate brushes along one axis (which is very helpful already), so having a way to change the axis of rotation (or alternatively, switch the direction of the line constraint) would boost what can be done with brushes immensely.

Lastly, I'd like to see a larger range on brush sizes. I often feel that the maximum brush size isn't large enough for all use cases.

That's my list. Thanks in advance for the attention!



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