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Godrays - Bad in Affected: The Manor or just me?

Void96Void96 Posts: 5

I am not complaining, its a great experience - but as this is day 3 of owning a Rift, I am wondering if this level of light smudging/godrays (call them what you like) is normal for a VR game with such high contrast?  I can see past it and enjoy the experience, but am wondering if this is something being experienced by anyone else in this particular game, or if I have "bad lenses".  If it's like this for everyone, I know what to expect - but if not, I need to take this back while I still can and try an exchange.

It is a very dark haunted house, with lamps and candles so very high contrast, but the smearing fills the vision.




  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 6,104 Valuable Player
    It's been a while since I played it, I got it the first day that it was available, but I don't remember the god rays being too bad - but I wear glasses all the time so I'm used to seeing them in real life every day for the last 30 years, so I guess I've built up a resistance to it.
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  • FlakMagnetFlakMagnet Posts: 113
    I think this is 'normal' for the Rift when there are bright objects in a dark scene. Elite Dangerous is another game where the god rays are really noticeable (it has bright HUD components against a mostly dark background).
  • Void96Void96 Posts: 5
    Thanks, I guess I will get used to it.  Part of me wants to see it in a different unit just for peace of mind this is normal.  I could take it back to the retailer in theory as the controller (Xbox) keeps disconnecting and I have to take the USB controller out and reinsert....but I doubt they would replace the entire unit.
  • Void96Void96 Posts: 5
    I wear glasses too :-)
  • Sax-a-boomSax-a-boom Posts: 731 Poster of the Week
    Make sure you keep a lens cloth handy for the rift. I do mine before each session, could be multiple times early on as the heat from your face can cause a mild fog on the lens until it balances, which can exaggerate the rays.
  • Void96Void96 Posts: 5
    Can I use moist wipes, alcohol free?
  • Sterling77Sterling77 Posts: 491
    smack2005 said:
    Can I use moist wipes, alcohol free?
    No Moist wiping lol ! - no seriously just do what they say - wipe from the center out with the provided cloth. 
  • flexy123flexy123 Posts: 791
    There is a slight chance you're not wearing the Rift right. You know that the Rift itself CAN BE TILTED, right? Carefully grab the Rift itself and tilt it up/down your face...and also move the Rift up/down. Yes there are god-rays but of course if someone were to wear it not optimally, the god rays and everything else could be much worse.
  • Void96Void96 Posts: 5
    I normally wear it at 40 degrees with one eye hanging out.  Lol, thanks for advice will give a good clean and play...but I have come to terms with it now and embrace it as part of the experience.  Interestingly some experiences like The Lab,  seem to be better than others - even with high contrast.
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