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How do you backup your Oculus Rift Games and Apps to an External Drive?

nerdVRBuddynerdVRBuddy Posts: 77
Hiro Protagonist
is it an easy thing to do? How do you do it?

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  • dburnedburne Posts: 3,640 Valuable Player
    I myself use a program called Macrium Reflect - Free Edition. It is a great disk imaging program. I use it along with an external USB 3.0 disk drive, to image my disks on a weekly basis. I do this every Friday morning, so I have images of all my partitions and drives available to restore any files from with no more than a week worth of data in between the backups. It works quite well for me.

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  • nerdVRBuddynerdVRBuddy Posts: 77
    Hiro Protagonist
    Do i have to disk image them? I was thinking more like drag and drop. Can't i do that?
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