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My Oculus Rift headset loses tracking after several minutes, goes to black, audio keeps playing

kmcarlockkmcarlock Posts: 2
My Oculus Rift headset (consumer version) eventually loses head tracking, a few moments later the internal screen goes black and it sounds like the game or program continues to play on as if nothing happened.  I reseated the headset's connections (including the HDMI one inside the headset) and I even bought the recommended red Inateck USB controller in case it was a USB issue. (USB is set to be always on/not allow power conservation.)  Battlezone VR seems pretty stable, however playing Lucky's Tale or Fruit Ninja VR will eventually cause a loss of head tracking ans subsequent video loss, although it can occur in any app on occasion. Once the headset goes down, I have to reboot the computer for the Oculus to see the headset again.  I will also sometimes get error messages that the Oculus can't successfully switch resolutions (seems to be the external monitor's resolution, which is connected by DVI) or that the Oculus Guardian system has failed (but that's may be caused by the headset going down and being set aside).  Can anyone tell me what's up with this?  I wonder if there is a defect inside the headset.  I've atttached the logs.


  • kmcarlockkmcarlock Posts: 2
    Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to give!  :smile:
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