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lens distance moves during game play

DavEvilDavEvil Posts: 3
Hello I've already posted on steam VR but I believe it is an Oculus issue. The message "Distance Between Lens". It pops up every few seconds on my Oculus Rift when playing shooters etc on Steam. My friend doesn't suffer this with his Rift. is there a way to tighten adjuster or do I have a defective Rift? Thanks


  • YoLolo69YoLolo69 Posts: 678
    edited May 20
    I read several times post about it, but weirdly I never saw any pop-up message about lens distance changing, even when adjusting distance between lens on the Fly (not on the green cross dedicated menu), from Home or Steam games/apps.

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  • DavEvilDavEvil Posts: 3
    Well, that is strange I wonder why I do?
  • flexy123flexy123 Posts: 723 Poster of the Week
    I wouldn't go by what STEAM says at first. (I've never seen this msg) Does the IPD (lens distance) in-fact change, if you check this from Oculus menu in VR? If this stays the same and doesn't actually change, it must be a problem with Steam and not Oculus or the Slider. (If the lens distance in Oculus would change, try a few times with the slider, this is not always 100% and sometimes my change on its own eg. if you knock the unit a little harder than you should. Might need a few tries to really keep the slider at the position.)
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 23,033 Oculus Staff
    I don't believe that is an Oculus message. At least I've never seen it, and I tried moving the IPD slider and there is no popup.
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  • BoneboysBoneboys Posts: 26
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    This as far as I'm concerned only happens when playing games that require Steam VR to run.
    There are many posts on reedit and the Steam forums concerning this problem.

    Many have stated that it only occurs in shooter games such as Onward when brusque movements provoke the message popup.
    I do not adhere to that theory because this happens when I'm calmly sitting down playing, or flying in VTOL.
    I have both games.

    This never happens when I play native rift supported games through Steam, I therefore I do not believe it to be a hardware problem such as a loose lense slider that some have suggested but rather an over zealous Steam VR client software.

    If anyone has found a solution or trick to resolve this most annoying troublesome issue please post here, I for one would be most grateful.

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  • canoeEnthusiastcanoeEnthusiast Posts: 2
    This is a joke, the message comes up every few seconds playing onward.
  • canoeEnthusiastcanoeEnthusiast Posts: 2
    Does anyone have a fix for this??? The message comes up frequently while playing any game through steam. PLEASE!!!!!!!! =( makes the experience so shit.
  • Storm_CloudStorm_Cloud Posts: 712 Poster of the Week
    Contact support. I had the same problem playing Eleven, which involves a lot of quick head movement. It was something that became more frequent over time. I tried gumming it up with things like blu-tack but that didn't help. I asked if there was something in software that could disable this message but was told there was not. After several rounds of replies with support which involved making a video showing that the IPD was loose, they agreed to issue a replacement. Good luck.
  • BoneboysBoneboys Posts: 26
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    edited September 11
    As far as I'm concerned this only happens when running Vive games through Steam VR, never in Steam purchased games that have integrated Rift SDK support.

    Onward and VTOL (and Eleven it seems) have this recurring problem.
    Ultrawings (Steam) does not, Assetto Corsa does not, ED (Steam) does not...
    None of the games that I've purchased on the Oculus Store have this problem.

    This is a Steam VR /Open VR problem, not loose lense adjustment.
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  • aerodyneaerodyne Posts: 35
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    edited September 11
    Do you have steam in game overlay or notifications turned on? I've seen this before but not recently on my system.
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