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Unity Remote 5: Gear VR Controller not detected

luckyroyluckyroy Posts: 5
edited May 2017 in General

The script below results in a "No Remote" output to the console when attempting to play a scene using Unity Remote 5 app with the Gear VR Controller using a galaxy s7 with oculus developer mode enabled. The screen works fine and renders the scene. I'm using the trivial scene in the 1.14 utilities package from oculus. This script is attached to a cube which has an empty game object parent with a player flag. It's similar to a setup script found in this post :

Is anyone knowledgable of the Bluetooth joystick feature for unity remote 5? I think the input is not getting passed to the engine... Am I missing an assignment somewhere in the editor?

    Using System.Collections;
    Using System.Collections.Generic;
    Using UnityEngine;
    Public class TOUCH : Monobehaviour {
    Void start () {
        If ( OVRInput.IsControllerConnected(OVRInput.Controller.X) {
        // where X is RTrackedRemote | LTrackedRemote | Remote | RTouch | LTouch 
            Debug.Log ("Remote Detected");
        } else {
             Debug.Log ("No Remote");

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