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Something like OVRdrop for oculus apps

ToriessianToriessian Posts: 14
I've started streaming my VR gaming sessions on Twitch. One thing I find missing in Oculus apps is the ability to pull up twitch chat from inside the VR world. I can do this from almost any SteamVR title using an app called OVRdrop which lets me flip my touch controller and it opens any window on the desktop on my forearm. Its often used to open twitch chat windows. Is there any chance we might get something like that that works with the Oculus SDK?


  • ShakalakahShakalakah Posts: 2
    I'm seconding this. Much needed.
  • ChillisteakChillisteak Posts: 31
    Brain Burst
    I couldn't agree more folks, I've been looking into streaming VR lately and the whole cross-game overlay thing is missing for Oculus.
    Meaning a fantastic app like OVRdrop is pretty much uselss to me, now I really want to start streaming so much so I'm considering selling my Rift and purchasing the Vive as it appears to be less restrictive.
  • Mr_PayneMr_Payne Posts: 4
    This is huge. I know that Core 2.0 has the ability to pin a window to the world, but this just doesn't cut it for streamers. We need more flexibility and the ability to interact with this window when we are playing other games. OVRdrop allows us to pin the window to the underside of the controller, move and scale it around, interact with it like a pc desktop, select different windows to focus on while in VR... it works great on Steam VR, but Oculus will not allow me to have the OVRdrop open at the same time as another app like quill, which I am trying to stream while being able to easily keep up with chat. Please, enhance this feature. We are the way you freely advertise the Oculus, so it would not only be in our interest, but yours as well.
  • TupacVRTupacVR Posts: 10

    I currently have the same problem.
    I would like to Livestream more often.
    It would be great if Oculus Home had the function to put a window on the bottom of the controller as it is possible with OVRDrop. 
    It would be great if Oculus would support the VR Youtuber and Streamer.
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