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How Google’s Latest VR Moves Are a Major Blow to Oculus’ Mobile Strategy

zproxyzproxy Posts: 262

This is Awkward

Google’s jump into high-end mobile VR with Daydream has brought an unfortunate wrinkle into the Oculus + Samsung relationship… although the two have been strong partners, as a leading manufacturer of Android devices Samsung is an even bigger and stronger partner with Google, and has been for much longer; when you compare the scale of Samsung’s Android business to their Gear VR business… well, there’s really no comparison.

For consumers (in the near-term) that’s a good thing. It means that whether a game is on Daydream or on Gear VR, consumers will be able to play it (whereas other phones can only do one or the other).

For Oculus however, this is the beginning of an awkward Google-Samsung-Oculus love triangle and a major new threat for Oculus’ mobile VR platform on Gear VR.

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