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Conquest Single Player Mode NOW AVAILABLE in Dragon Front!

HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 200 High Voltage Software
edited September 2017 in Dragon Front
The wait is finally over! The Dragon Front team and I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding. It was not an easy decision to postpone this update, and your encouragement meant a lot to us.

Below I've posted the Update Notes which are also available in the Updates section of

Enjoy the update, and let me know what you think!

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Update as of May 31, 2017

Version (Rift) | 2.0.02 (GearVR)

New Content:

  • Conquest: Single-player story mode NOW AVAILABLE!
    • 7 unique Conquest stories following the 7 factions through the Second Great War of Terrene Gall.
    • Each faction Conquest consists of 6 campaigns with 5 thematically designed battles per campaign
    • 210 specially designed single-player battles total!
    • Each completed campaign (set of 5 battles) earns a free booster!
    • Each completed Conquest (set of 6 campaigns/30 battles) wins a Conquest Boss Champion card for the respective factions!
    • The first campaign in each Conquest is free if you own the faction. Each following campaign is unlockable with 600 gold or with cash.
  • New Conquest Boss Champion Masks available in the mask store!
    • Equipping these masks earns +5 gold per match!
  • Base four factions (Scales, Eclipse, Thorns, Strife) are now standard for all players.
  • New DLC faction bundle added to the store (Silence, Essence, Delirium)
  • New Trait: COMMAND- trait is active on Champion while the unit is positioned on the Stronghold (before it is played)


Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for bugs affecting Flash Sales
  • Fix for portals showing as blocked by a menu when it should be closed
  • Fix for Quick Mute button indicator not updating based on the active Touch controller
  • Fix for portal VFX on GearVR
  • Fix for friend invites interacting with portal menu
  • Fix for Mask VFX on mulligan screen
  • Fix for random end-of-match crashes
  • Fix for damage effect triggering before damage orb reached Strongholds
  • Fix for visual issue where Royal Falcon Squad projectile did not appear
  • Fix for sky dome appearing below the tiles
  • Fix for leveling up a faction removing all other masks.
  • Fix for tutorial bug where a tile was improperly highlighted



  • Flash Sales and Announcements localized for Chinese language
  • Clicking disabled factions in the conquest menu now brings you to the corresponding store
  • Giant units now go translucent when looking at tiles in front of it on GearVR
  • Attempts at reducing UI shimmering/aliasing on GearVR
  • Polished visual annoyances when inspecting cards on GearVR
  • Champion scrap value increased to 3200 Scrap
  • Giants can no longer be pushed twice in the same turn
  • AI improvements
  • New hint text for portals
  • Localization updates
  • Improvements to store directors
  • Now players are returned to the Main Menu when exiting a portal match


Conquest Champion Card Additions:

  • The August Sultan- Silence Champion- 5 Attack/ 5 Health
    • RANGE. COMMAND: When the opponent plays a spell, spawn a Stronghold Apostle in a random spawn row space before the spell's effect.
  • Master of the Hunt-Thorns Champion- 3 Attack/ 3 Health
    • RUSH. While this unit is in play, other allies gain +1/+1 in Enemy Territory.  COMMAND: This unit gains +1/+1 every time an ally enters Enemy Territory.
  • Naa’mah- Essence Champion- 3 Attack/ 7 Health
    • FLIGHT. END OF TURN: Reduce the cost of all cards in owner’s hand by [1].
  • The Bard King- Scales Champion- 3 Attack/ 6 Health
    • SPAWN and DEATH: All enemy units lose 1 Power. COMMAND: All ally units have -1/+1
  • The Last Calamity- Strife Champion- 3 Attack/ 7 Health
    • Whenever the enemy Stronghold is damaged, gain +1 Power. END OF TURN: Deal 1 damage to both Strongholds.
  • The Sage of Scythe- Eclipse Champion- 4 Attack/ 4 Health
    • SPAWN: Gain 2 Revelation Looms. SURVIVOR: Gain a Revelation Loom. DEATH: Destroy all played Revelation Looms.
  • Tyrant- Delirium Champion- 5 Attack /10 Health
    • GIANT. Doesn't move when activated. END OF TURN: Move a random non-Giant enemy unit to any available open space directly in front of the Tyrant.


Card Changes

  • Repurpose –Unaligned Spell -  0 mana. BLIGHT target ally unit, then destroy it.  DRAW 2.
    • Formerly cost 2, did not BLIGHT the target unit and had DRAW 3.
    • Being unaligned, this card was seriously abused, and gave a massive early game swing when combined with the Scaled Martyr. This should increase the value of Nature’s Bounty.
  • Jelly– Token- RESPAWN: [0/1] Jelly.
    • Formerly, this token was a [1/1] Jelly.
    • This is the number one, most played, card in Dragon Front. It was in almost every deck, and we want other respawn and low cost cards to shine. A 1 cost with Respawn, is already a great value.
  • Clockwork Drake--Unaligned Unit – 7/4/4 unit with FLIGHT and a board-damaging Spawn
    • Formerly 6/5/4.
    • The cost of a solid flight unit, combined with dealing one damage to the battlefield cost way too low for its true value. Also, being unaligned, made this too prevalent in constructed decks. Lastly, we needed to make this change to balance future cards.
  • Catalyst – Silence Spell – 2 mana: Deal 5 damage to a POISONED unit.
    • Formerly cost 3 mana
    • We reduced the mana cost to 2 in order to make this card worth slotting in a deck and encourage more Poison decks. It’s not that hard to get a unit POISONED, but it does take work in order to set this card up. Plus Killing Stroke, which is also a 3 cost rare, is one less damage without the required set-up.
  • Poison Burn – Silence Spell – 3 mana: STUN all POISONED enemy units. –
    • Formerly cost 4 mana
    • We reduced the mana cost to 3 to make this card better valued and encourage poison synergy. Again, this has some work to set this up so we’ll reduce the cost. This is basically a STUN and deal 2 damage to poisoned units as the opposing units will have to wait 2 turns to act while the poison runs its course.
  • Fast Leak – Unaligned Spell – 3 mana: DRAIN 2. 
    • Formerly included DRAW 1
    • We removed the DRAW element as the card is already powerful, and we felt that the extra card draw wasn’t merited.
  • Feedback Murmur – Unaligned Fort – 4 mana: The first enemy non-Champion unit played by your opponent each turn costs [1] additional mana. 
    • Formerly cost 3 mana
    • We raised the cost on this to 4 because it is an unaligned card, and was seeing an incredible win rate.
  • Focused Obliteration – Delirium Spell – 3 mana: Destroy an ally Starling unit in ally territory and deal damage equal to its Power to the opponent's Stronghold.
    • Formerly did not specify ally territory
    • We changed this to target units in allied territory, so a player couldn’t hit a the opponent’s stronghold AND then deliver more direct stronghold damage.
  • Blaze of Glory – Strife Spell – 5 mana: Grant an ally unit +3/+3 until the end of the turn, then destroy it.
    • Formerly cost 4 mana
    • We raised the cost to 5 as it is an unexpected +3 damage when given to flight units, potentially +6 on giants. It had one of the best win rates in the game, and we want to give opponent’s more opportunity to counter these kind of devastating attacks.


  • bigmike20vtbigmike20vt Posts: 4,267 Valuable Player
    Fiat Coupe, gone. 350Z gone. Dirty nappies, no sleep & practical transport incoming. Thank goodness for VR :)
  • MorgrumMorgrum Posts: 1,735 Valuable Player
    Ive never played it but with a single player campaign now I will check it out.
  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 15,732 Valuable Player
    I tried the single player campaign but I couldn't advance with the default starter deck. It seems that to beat single player you still gotta spend RL Money to up the deck. Unless that has changed recently.
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  • HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 200 High Voltage Software
    edited July 2017
    @Zenbane The most recent update nerfed a few of the conquest matches we felt were proving too OP, but the designers assure me that the whole conquest mode can be beaten with the Base Decks. A few players have verified this as well. Join us on the discord if you'd like some tips!

    Those nerfed battles if you're curious:
    Steelgate Keep
    Shifting Sands
    Hereford Glenn
    Broken Boughs

  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 15,732 Valuable Player
    Thanks for the update! I will give this another shot :)
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  • ZenbaneZenbane Posts: 15,732 Valuable Player
    Yes, this is muucchh better! Before the update I was never able to win even the first battle with Scales against Silence. After the update, I just beat the entire Scales vs Silence campaign.

    It was still difficult, but the right kind of difficult. I had to work hard to construct a deck that could take me to victory. Plus my wins were very close and exciting.

    Good stuff, I look forward to working on the other campaigns.
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  • HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 200 High Voltage Software
    Excellent! I'll pass on your comments to the design team!
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