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Star Trek Bridge Crew crashing

CurtbaccaCurtbacca Posts: 1
The game is crashing after a while, usually between 10-20 minutes in. The view in the HMD freezes in place, and when I move my head, whatever was in my field of view stays put, and I can see black space around it. Audio will keep playing. Checking my monitor reveals a crash message indicating the game produced a crash report. I've updated video drivers and disconnected non-critical USB devices and such. The game crashes every time after a while. This has happened a few times in other games, most noticeably Robo Recall, but not often enough to be super annoying. 

i7 2600k
16gb RAM
r9 290


  • LucidNighmareLucidNighmare Posts: 4
    Ever find a solution?
  • SubcreationSubcreation Posts: 11
     I am experiencing this as well. I used to be able to play STBC for hours, but now I can rarely get through an entire game without crashing.
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