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Gear VR won't launch help PLZ!

f4tT0Ny420f4tT0Ny420 Posts: 1
OK so I got the free gear VR with my galaxy S8+. It worked great, and I love it. But the other day, my phone got splashed with water. No big deal, got the "moisture detected in port" alert, so I let it dry for a couple days. Plugged it into the charger, still fast charges, everything is all good. But now when I plug my phone into the gear VR headset, nothing happens. And I mean nothing, nothing launches, no sounds, nothing. I reinstalled oculus, nothing. I reset the phone to factory settings, nothing. I bought a new VR headset from best buy, nothing. Starting to think maybe the port is malfunctioning, but i can still fast charge and move files to and from a computer, so I dont understand why its not working. Anybody else had this problem? Anybody know of a fix?


  • feefmacfeefmac Posts: 4
    This may not be related to your issue, but after the Occulus app updated recently I've found it doesn't start automatically when I put the phone into the Gear.  If I manually start the app and then connect it to the Gear everything works fine.
  • wahidwowwahidwow Posts: 2
    did you find another Solution coz its same the troubleshooting happen with me 
    a black screen found when i plug the s8 to the gear vr and the oculus dosn't start   
    wait your replay plz
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