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Black screen with hourglass on startup (Cv1)

edited June 2017 in Support
Hello! I have had my oculus CV1 for around a year now, but for some reason today it decided to just not work. When I put the headset on, I just get a black area, and the loading hourglass in the bottom right of my screen. It doesn't even bring up the user warning that usually appears when you start the rift, it just doesn't want to work. I have re-installed the software, and looked up about this issue, but I haven't found any threads talking about this happening when just trying to use the oculus from the get go (Instead people saying it happens for steamvr or certain games only). I really need to get this fixed as my oculus touch arrives tomorrow, and I wont be able to use them while my headset is kaput



  • coach075coach075 Posts: 2
    Same problem here since Yesterday, my rift doesn't start, black screen and the notification on my main monitor is : "Hardware notification : your guardian system is not working"
    Error 406 on steam, black screen.
    (All my sensors are ok, touchs are fine to in the configuration process, but can't do the headset process config, black screen always ; even after re-installing Oculus and put off and on all the cables)
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