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Manually removing a broken app from Home

HairboyHairboy Posts: 2
About 12 months ago I moved all my Oculus games to a second HDD. All good - but at the time I decided not to move "Henry"... big files, no desire to re-watch etc etc...
Anyways, every week since then I get notices of failed update, as well as having it listed in my Library.

How can I manually remove the game from the list? Anyone? Or will I have to re-install it simply to uninstall?!


  • HairboyHairboy Posts: 2
    No takers?
  • malka666malka666 Posts: 2
    remove manifest file. y go to beta -> restart oculus. this work for me
  • MAC_MAN86MAC_MAN86 Posts: 1,455
    Each game has 2 files in Manifest folder and the full installation in Software. Also you may find other folders in Users>****>AppData>in Local and/or Roaming.
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