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problem with Oculus 360 Photos app - how to clean a stale index?

boblaublawboblaublaw Posts: 31
Brain Burst
I have been placing my own 360 photos in the /Oculus/360Photos directory - works great.  However, when I delete photos from that directory, the Oculus 360 Photo app still shows every photo that has ever been in this directory.  For the photos that have been deleted, the thumbnail is black.  Similarly, when I swipe through the photos or let the autoplay run, the deleted photos simply shown as black until a photo can be loaded from /Oculus/360Photos.

How do I refresh the index and purge deleted items from this thumbnail view?

Apologies if this has been covered, I didn't find anything covering this.


  • relaxculusrelaxculus Posts: 97
    Hiro Protagonist

    i also had this issue

    as i remember a phone restart solved it


  • boblaublawboblaublaw Posts: 31
    Brain Burst
    Yes, restarting the whole phone does purge the removed photos from this directory.  Thanks for the reply.
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