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Lunchtime with my Gear VR - Zero Days VR

vrgamerdudevrgamerdude Posts: 303

Today on Lunchtime with my Gear VR I am taking a look at the award winning Zero Days VR. This is quite possibly one of the coolest documentaries in VR I have seen yet! Zero Days VR explores the next chapter of modern warfare through the true story of Stuxnet: the first cyber weapon in the world known to cause real-world physical damage. In this experience you will see the invisible world of cyber warfare through the perspective of a virus on a clandestine mission that was hatched by the US and Israel to sabotage an underground Iranian nuclear facility. The video quality was good but as always with these 360 video experiences I wish it was clearer. Overall this was very informative and somewhat chilling so if you own an Oculus Rift or Gear VR I would recommend giving Zero Days VR a look!
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