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floaty tracking issue?

alexchang734alexchang734 Posts: 29
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I've recently started to notice somewhat of a tracking issue I think. When I turn my head to the left or right, I get this sort of floaty feeling. Like I'm swaying back and forth. It only happens for a second then the image stills again. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue. I was using a one sensor setup and tired with 3 different sensors all having the same issue. 


  • PowerusPowerus Posts: 39
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    yes I'm about to make a topic about almost the same problem.
    My height is resetting and tracking is wrong sometimes (may be only when turning head but not 100% sure)

    In assetto corsa when I turn my head sometimes I see my point of view suddenly going down or up by a few cm.
    I end up with my point of view near the roof or below the steering wheel.

    In onward I get the same bug (I get it in all games but that's what I use most). In onwards it's a lot worse because there is no key to reset view unlike assetto corsa. I get taller and taller and taller cm by cm to the point where I have to restart the game because I'm 1m taller than others and get my head through ceiling, literally.

    I've tried with 3, 2 and 1 sensor (left only) and 1 sensor (right only). With 1 sensor only (left or right) it was the worst. Point of view floating everywhere.

    I have to say that when in the guardian setting page I can see one sensor teleporting everywhere, not always the same.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Did you run through the sensor setup again after changing the configuration?
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  • PowerusPowerus Posts: 39
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    edited June 2017
    Did you try to turn it off and on? lol

    More seriously... yes the sensor configuration was done quite a few times. BTW after cleaning dust in the house I always do a sensor setup to be sure, in case something moved even a little.

    Edit: oh I'm on this topic I thought it was mine
  • alexchang734alexchang734 Posts: 29
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    yes i ran through the sensor setup after changing the configuration
  • Metatron6Metatron6 Posts: 1
    i new here. just wanted to report in that i am having the same problem. got oculus not a month ago, worked fine.
    came back from vacation and having horrible time with it because of this issue.
    the subtle sway while i turn left or right is causing me nausea. 

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