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June 20th Update-- Improvements to GearVR startup times, Timewarping vs AI, August Sultan, Lava Vent

HVS_ClaireHVS_Claire Posts: 195 High Voltage Software
edited June 20 in Dragon Front

Hi Dragon Fronters,

Below are the update notes for today's update. Some S8 players may in rare cases still see some Timewarping at the end of matches. We're still working to improve that, but think you will see some significant improvements to startup time and framerate lags all the same. Reach out to me through DM/ Comment/ or on Discord if you need anything.


Update as of June 20th, 2017

Version (Rift) | 2.0.04 (GearVR)

Card Changes:

  • Lava Vent – 2 Cost unaligned fort. END OF TURN: If this Fort is occupied, deal 2 damage randomly split among all other units.
    • Formerly cost 1 and did not include “other”, and had the potential to damage the occupying unit.
    • We changed this because it got little use, and now it will better synergize with future cards.
  • August Sultan- Stronghold Apostles generated by this unit no longer have mana fragments.
    • We are testing this small balance change to this unit, but have a larger change on-hand if necessary.

Other fixes:

  • Fixed issue where Conquest challenges unlocked out of order
  • Faster GearVR startup times
  • Smoothed out AI related framerate issues and Timewarping