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Blinking red dots after changing to HDMI?

FredTAFredTA Posts: 5
I've seen this in a few other posts, where people have changed from plugging the rift into a HDMI to DVI adapter, which was giving them little red dots appear all over the screen, to just plugging straight into the HDMI port and getting a normal image again, but I actually was already using an HDMI to DVI adapter and everything was totally fine, it was only recently when I bought a second monitor and had to reshuffle everything (my rift now plugs straight into the HDMI port, although I tried it with an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter too) and suddenly loads of blinky red dots everywhere, very annoying :/

My PC is only a few months old and everything is running nice and cool, so I don't think my hardware is the problem...has anybody managed to fix this by just changing something in a config file somewhere?



  • FredTAFredTA Posts: 5
    Bump, still getting this problem, anyone else noticed it?
  • edmgedmg Posts: 1,158
    edited September 2017
    I was getting green dots on my Vive at one point, I think it was when I tried using a Displayport adapter. I suspect you're seeing digital dropouts on the HDMI connection.

    Can you try the Rift in another PC? If it's plugged directly into the HDMI port, you may have a defective cable. If you get the dots on another PC too, then that would pretty much prove it.
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