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[ISSUE?] Share app listings favor beginning of alphabet

drashdrash Posts: 2,849
edited December 2013 in Oculus Share
Because of the way the apps are sorted alphabetically and one page is shown at a time, apps whose names start at the beginning of the alphabet are bound to be viewed far more times than apps further down in the list. Currently apparent in the "All" listing as each individual category doesn't seem to have more than 1 page yet.

If you don't want to randomize the sort every time, at least a way to let the user change the sorting on the fly would help. Sorting by "Random", "Date Uploaded" (ascending or descending), "Highest Rating", "Download Count" (ascending or descending), etc.


  • raidho36raidho36 Posts: 1,312
    Well yeah there should be an option for various sorting method (alphabetical asc/desc, downloads, rating, etc.)

    I see one good default setting as weighted rating vs. downloads parameter, with some degree of randomization for entries that have low downloads and ratings count.
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    This is a good idea. Not so important at the moment, but will be as we get more content.
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