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Windows 10 x64 Headset not detected in Full Setup

sm387586sm387586 Posts: 1
When running full setup, the oculus software does not recognize the headset's HDMI and USB.

The tracker's USB works fine. Skipping the "Full Setup" and going into the "Devices" tab under settings, everything is connected fine.

Rerunning the "Full Setup" feature from settings does not help. I have tried this on:
Windows 10 x64 32GB RAM 8 Cores Nvidia GT440
Windows 10 x64 12GB RAM 4 Cores Intel Integrated
Windows 7  x64  8GB   RAM 4 Cores Intel Integrated

Any ideas/solutions?


  • ColinBColinB Posts: 236
    Nexus 6
    Time to try a computer that Oculus recommend ? Or at least take note of what Oculus say about hardware.
    GT440 ? You might be needing something a little bit better than that !
  • vajnikavajnika Posts: 1
    how downloaddddd

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