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Rift HMD and 1 of 3 Sensors are constantly disconnecting every 3

hollisbhollisb Posts: 1

The Problem: My Rift and 1 of my 3 Sensors are disconnecting then reconnecting every 3 seconds. I can tell because in my device manager, there are yellow icons next to 3 of my HIDs and the window keeps refreshing because of hardware changes. I am on a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro and I am currently attempting to reinstall my Oculus software and get my hardware set up. I can't get past the setup because the software won't recognize that my Rift and 1 of my sensors is plugged in for long enough to verify that they "work". In the midst of writing this, W10 said that it did not recognize the USB plugged in and it will not work correctly, now the respective HIDs are not in my device manager at all. I could try unplugging the Rift/Sensor and then plugging them back in, which might restart the connect/disconnect loop until W10 tells me it can't recognize again. Here's the kicker - Sometimes, it just works, I don't have to worry about disconnects or if my motherboard/W10 recognizes the HIDs because it shows up in my device manager/Oculus software and I don't have any issues.

What I know: Most of the issues similar to mine have been solved via the "power management" settings in Windows, both in the power plan settings and from the USB properties power management option in the device manager. I have already changed all of these settings and the issue still persists. If there is anyone who has information that may lead to fixing the issue, please let me know. I would love to test Echo Arena and play the rest of my Home and Steam libraries again.


  • newboergnewboerg Posts: 1
    Have got found a solution?
    I have the same Problem after a Fresh Windows install on a new motherboard. Sometimes it works but most of the time, secondly deisconnects form ONE specific Sensor
  • UBSERDUBSERD Posts: 357
    Nexus 6
    I’m getting this issue as well.  It happens usually when I wait a little while without putting on the rift or if I take the headset off and wait a few minutes I will always hear a disconnect and the sensor will pop off and pop right back on again.  This happens in all USB ports including my star Tech 3.0.  Also all power saving is turned off on all of my USBs.  This has been happening for the past few oculus updates.  
  • rawalancherawalanche Posts: 28
    Brain Burst
    Same problem here as well. Definitely not every 3 seconds, but usually, every once in a while, I hear Windows device disconnect sound and then the sensor pops right back on.
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