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broken? - no image at all on Nvidia 1080, friends headset works fine when connected

gavincowiegavincowie Posts: 2
I've upgraded from a previous working machine/card combo (sold off that machine).

Running through setup on new box all fine, until the "continue in headset" section. Don the headset, proximity light is white until I put it on, prox goes off fine, audio comes out of speakers- just nothing in the display. Total blackness/absence of picture.

Thought I must have bad 'something', so a friend brought over his headset- no problem for his. This seems like very bad news... I'm past the 1yr (I assume) warranty now, am I just boned? 

How do I actually get ahold of Oculus themselves anyhow?


  • KillCardKillCard Posts: 1,078
    edited June 2017
    1. Try a HDMI - DVI adapter and use the DVI port on your video card.

    2. If your friend will allow, try putting your friends HDMI cable on YOUR Headset and see if that works. If it does then a replacement cable should easily fix (probably free if you contact support and still under warranty, otherwise $60 from the Oculus Store).
  • KillCardKillCard Posts: 1,078
    Also: Here is the link to lodge a support ticket to talk to Oculus directly:
  • Hiro_Protag0nistHiro_Protag0nist Posts: 4,923 Valuable Player
    Totally agree, probably cables/ports issue.
  • gavincowiegavincowie Posts: 2
    Thanks much for the tips, I'll see about switching cable with my friend.
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