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Gear VR Chromecasting to TV

NormTylerNormTyler Posts: 2
edited June 2017 in Samsung Gear VR
Frustrated! I keep reading all the announcements abuot how this can be done now, but buried in the fine print is how you need the latest version and how it hasn't rolled out to everyone.. yet. Nowhere does it say what those versions need to be, or when it will be fully rolled out. How can we troubleshoot a lack of function if we don't have real version numbers to reference. Why can't we pull an update instead of waiting for a push rollout?

EXACTLY what version of the software is required to cast Gear VR to a chromecast gizmo?

Here's what I have. It sure would be nice to know if it's me or you Oculus.

Samsung Galaxy S8+
Gear VR
Chromecast gizmo
Android 7.0
Google Home

Do I have what I need to display my VR screen onto a TV via chromecast or not?


  • madmausmadmaus Posts: 21
    I dont have the option also. 
    Just received the 3.13 release but it still doesn't work have the cast option. 

    Android 7
    Google chromecast 
    Google Home 3.13.5
    Oculus system driver 1.6.2

    So I need to do something else? 
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