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Display Issues, I would really like some help

MaceBot64MaceBot64 Posts: 17
So I have 0.4.2 drivers, which were working great yesterday and this morning in extended mode with direct2rift. A day of too much messing around with drivers and such has messed up everything. I'm really upset that my piece of expensive hardware that already took too long to set up has screwed me over yet again. The demo scene works fine, but here is my main problem- The configuration utility won't go to extended mode, and my desktop won't detect the rift as a monitor. If I select "Extend desktop to the HMD" and hit "Apply" all the buttons grey out (They become unclickable) I thought I had to set my rift as a monitor first. My PC didn't detect anything. The tool detects my rift in direct mode fine, and the demo screen works great. I tried to run an old demo, Hell Waltzer, which had worked and displayed great with extended mode and the direct2rift earlier, and showed up in the rift, head tracking worked and it was great. The Helix roller coaster also worked well.  All I would like to do is play and show people some DK2 demos, it can't be that hard. In short- "How do I get my PC to recognize the rift as a second screen, and how can I set the configuration tool to work in extended mode?" I'm really upset about all of this, I don't want $200 unused dollars collecting dust, please help, I've been at this for weeks!
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