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Munkeyx's Sprint-Pult Deck

MunkeyxMunkeyx Posts: 4


This is the deck I used for to get to HC14 from rank 10+ in a week.  It is excellent against low to mid tier game play.  I havent used this deck against many of the top 10 players that I know, so I cant truly say this would fair in top tier game play.

This deck is designed to survive speed decks then force your enemy to burn there cards to block quick damage.  Once you have the upper hand, Use Big Bertha to finish them off.  With that said this deck will tend to struggle with heavy direct damage or heavy draw decks.  Lucky for me people are not currently running many of those decks because of sultan decks.  

I would suggest using this build as a core idea on what you should play.  This is what worked for me, but you may want to modify it to fit your play style better.

Tips On Faceing Factions:

Scales: Scales decks tend to be either warden based or health heavy.  If they are warden based, try to play move aggressive then you normally would.  Otherwise it will be a war of attrition if they are playing more health heavy units.

Eclipse: Most Eclipse decks I faced tend to try to overwhelm you with a lot of small units.  Make sure to use your armor units to help control the number of units the opponents have.  You may run into some energy issues if you are not careful with cards with blight.

Strife: If you are not careful, strife can get the upper hand on you.  Make sure to save fort destroying cards for Siege Towers.  Also make sure you have a block units in front of your catapults or breach units will make quick work of them.

Thorns:  Thorns deck tend to stay back and build up.  This will usually allow you to get your strong units in position before they attack.  You have a good chance on winning as long as you have a plan to take out the units that get stronger every turn.  

Silence:  As of when this was written, Sultan decks are considered the “best” deck.  Only play your spells if you have to when fighting sultan decks.

A Popular combo is using Buzzard Crew with either sleeper cell or Unearthed Library.  Do not let the Buzzard Crew sit on those forts for long. Make sure to keep blockers in front of my catapults.  You want to do this so that stealth units don't sneak up on them.  Also if you opponent keeps one card in his had no matter what, chances are they are saving a Killing Stroke for your Bertha.  In that case, I would suggest waiting until you can at a +1//+1 card from the AA21 Dropship before playing Bertha.    

Essence: Essence tends to be a decent counter to this deck.  They tend to have a lot of direct damage cards.  If they are running golems, they will also be able to draw a lot of cards. My 9 day win streak was stopped by an essence deck for that reason. :(

Delirum: I have not played a lot against Delirium, so  I currently cant provide any tips to fight them.

Deck Breakdown

Champion: Big Bertha

Big Bertha is an excellent champion to keep pressure on your opponent.  Unlike other cards with the catapult ability, This champion can attack every turn.  With 4 health it can die quickly if you don't it at the right time.  

Try to only play this is you believe your opponent ran out of direct damage cards.  Make sure you have a tanky unit in front of Big Bertha if you are playing agenst strife or silence.  Strife units can breach in front of Big Bertha, and Silence can stealth up to it.

Deck (24 Units, 1 Fort, 5 Spells):

(1)Mana Mole: This is used for early game energy.  It can by a nice blocker if you play this early game.  Keep in mind it gains one health every turn as long as you have this unit in the spawn row.  This is essentially healing for 1 health every turn.  You can sub this unit out for a 1 energy unit to your liking

(2)Neophyte Slime: Another unit used for early game energy.  This unit stun is nice to stop the guy from attacking for two turns, or take direct damage and still stop the unit for attacking this turn.  You can sub this unit out for a 1 energy unit to your liking.

(2)Scaled Martyr:  This Unit is a good counter the decks that will damage your early game units in hopes to energy stave you.  I recommend using this unit for that reason.

(2)Calculated Strike:  The only scales direct damage spell.  I suggest using these to make critical moves.

(1)Cataclysm:  I would recommend having at least 2 cards that can remove forts.  Having at least one of the cards that remove forts a spell is also very nice because you are guarantee to destroy the fort.  The con to this is that you have a wasted card slot if you opponent has no forts.  I chose to use this one because it is cheap and helps get Big Bertha out.  You can sub this out with another Fort removal card.

(1)Combat Engies:  A good low cost defensive unit.  You can sub this out for another low cost unit.

(2)Dwarven Phalanx: This unit is an excellent low cost unit.  At turn 3-4 you may want to go offensive with him.  Make sure you put this guy where you opponent has a 1-2 damage unit in play.  This will guarantee that you can kill that unit, and force you opponent to play something to counter him.  I recommend having this unit in your deck.

(1)Warden Field Medic: This is a situational unit that can turn the tides of the game.  Most good players will figure out what is the minimum unit they need to play to kill off your unit and stay alive.  Playing this at the right time can throw a wrench in their plans.  I suggest only playing the unit at the very moment you need it.  With 2 health it can killed easily.  Also, it gives your opponent more of a chance to figure out a way to counter the unit.  I recommend only running one in your deck.

(1)Warden Lancer: a Cheap unit that can do a lot of damage.  It can take out most non giant cards with only 3 energy.  You can sub this out with what ever favorite damage unit you want.

(2)Honorbound Monk:  This unit is an amazing cheap defender. They are very good units to help control a lane, or sit on a fort.  These units also make it very hard to kill your catapults when you have these units in front of them.  I recommend running two in your deck.

(1)Warden Barracks:  This is used for situational purposes.  I play this card when I feel that I need the extra units to be able to consistently stop a unit from hitting my stronghold, or to keep units in my spawn row for energy purpose.  This card is not nesscarry and will most likely get distroyed because it's your only fort in the deck.  With that said, it has got me out of a few sticky situations though.

(1)Carpet Bombing:  This card is good to clear out a lane that you may have lost control on.  I recommend only having one your deck because you will most likely have units in all the lane too.

(1)Dragon Spark:  A good unit to get some quick damage on the stronghold and force your enemy to counter it.  I only recommend having one in the deck to use at the right time.

(1)Shade Thamaturge: A good unit to help draw some additional cards.  Use in lanes when you know you will take low and consistent damage.  I chose to run one, but put a second one in if you feel you are running out of cards a lot.

(1)Tempest “Despair” Tanks:  A good unit to put a lot a pressure in a lane.  I would suggest playing this unit when your opponent is almost out of cards in his hands.  You want to do this because it is easy to kill it with direct damage or any ability that can do 1 damage.  I would also suggest running only 1 because of it's low health.  You can sub this out with what ever favorite damage unit you want.

(1)AA21 Dropship:A good air blocker unit.  What makes this card shine is receiving 2 +1/+1 Cards.  This is great to buff up your Bertha, or any other unit to keep them alive.  I choose to have only one in the deck because I want to bring out more damage in late game.  I still wouldn't be a bad idea to run two.

(2)D118 “Short Stack”: This is an amazing catapult card.  Having a blocker unit in front of it makes it very hard to kill.  You may also force you opponent to use direct damage cards on it.  This still would be a nice trade off because it one less card kill your Bertha.  I suggest running two in your deck.

(2)Dwarven Assault Mecha: This is a great sprint card.  The armor helps keep it alive, and can also act as a good blocker for your catapults in the opponents front lines.  I suggest running two in your deck.

(1)Z72 Propjets:  This is for some air defence, and to put some quick damage onto the fort.  Because of Air And Range, It will skip attacking the unit in spawn, and that unit will most likely to kill the propjet at their next turn.  For that reason, I only recommend running one in your deck.

(1)B70 Bombers: For the same reason for the Dwarven Assualt Mecha, this is a great sprint card.  For one extra energy you can guranted to hit the strong hold if you mover up to the opponents front lines.  I would only recommend having one in your deck to keep your overall cost ratio down, but it is still viable to run two.

(1)Grizzly Mac: If you are not running at least one of these units in all your decks you are doing something wrong.  Great damage output, and it will give you cards every time it moves.  This includes push and pull ability's. If you don't have the B70 Bombers, I suggest running two.

(1)Skullsmash Steamroller: I chose to use this as my second fort removal card.  You can at least use it for quick damage if the opponent don't have any forts.  Because of the cost I would recommend only having one in your deck.  That said, you can sub this out for any other fort removal cards.

(1)D120 “Fat Stack” Tank: I use this for a clutch late game card when people are close to fatigue.  At this point in the game you have more energy then cards, and people tend to run out of the good options and are playing whatever they have left.  I have also used this in situations where I HAVE to stop some big damage coming my way


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