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Sensor Placement Concerns

Areyn13Areyn13 Posts: 2

So I've been looking to finally jump into the world of VR and decided to (potentially) purchase an Oculus rift. My intention is to get the Rift + Touch Controllers + 3rd Sensor setup, but I have some concerns regarding free space and sensor placement.

My free space play area is around 2.8 x 2.5 metres with remaining space being taken up by my computer setup. My initial thought for sensor placement was to purchase 2 camera tripods and place them in 2 back corners of my room opposite my desk, with the 3rd sensor placed somewhere ON my desk. Or alternatively, i could look into wall mounting?

To give you some idea of my room setup, here's an example


  • WhesleyWhesley Posts: 10
    Keep in mind, the more sensors can see the touch controllers at the same time the better will be the tracking quality. So your preferable direction for standing are the two front sensors, especially on Frontal Games. You will get better tracking results with wall or ceiling mounted sensors. With mounted sensors you can look to your computer though. Tripods are fine, but I experienced some issues to pick up something from the floor in VR with them, because they will not cover the whole floor with this setup.
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