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360Photos still broken on GearVR

tksharplesstksharpless Posts: 24
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This is a bug report on Oculus 360 Photos for Gear VR, version current at 2 July 2017.
Ever since "superresolution" hit, the app has been broken in various ways.  Current release is almost functional again but has one maddening flaw:  every time I launch it and select "My Photos" it spins for well over a minute before it will show my panoramas.  It does eventually find all my 360 photos and displays them well, including stereo panoramas.  The long pause does not happen again if I switch to another index then back to My Photos.  But if I exit to Oculus Home then launch 360Photos again, I must wait another 90 seconds or so to see my photos.
As a professional VR panographer I depend on the Gear VR and 360Photos for showing my work.  The current startup lag makes that really awkward.  I hope you will fix it soon.


  • nieffynieffy Posts: 12
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    downgrade oculus 360 photos to previous version. Search the old apk

  • GelkerGelker Posts: 15
    How do I make my 360 photos application not update? Because I install the old version but it does the automatic update when I use it the second time.

    I want a solution, with the new nor loads the images ... :(
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