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Oculus Medium Feedback / Suggestions

MrJoseyMrJosey Posts: 10

I had a few thoughts for what I'd love to see included in future updates for Medium. I know you guys listen to feedback, so I thought I'd throw out some suggestions. Thanks. 

1. One thing I have a lot of trouble with is making straight, parallel lines. E.g. A sword where the blade is just as thick at the end as it is in the beginning and middle. I've tried different tools with mixed results (flattening tool, using a flat object like a square and erasing, the smoothing tool set to flatten), but none of these is a sure thing. Can there be an option for creating point-to-point lines where you can determine the beginning and end points more accurately? I was thinking this could be a modification of the "line" setting for the basic clay sprayer, but instead of having to eye-ball the beginning and end points of the line, you could set the first point, as a single spray frame, then set the end point, and finally fill in everything in between along the axis, until you want to stop. This would be a major help for sculpting objects with clean angles and parallel lines. 

2. I am starting to look into exporting objects for 3D printing from sites like Shapeways. One problem I am having, however, is some of my sculpts have holes in them, which can show up as areas with thin walls when Shapeways processes them. Can there be an option to view enclosed holes within a sculpt in Medium? Perhaps an on-off toggle that shows holes as red highlights, or something? I have noticed that dragging the sculpt directly INTO my field of vision (so I'm "inside" the sculpt) allows me to see holes sort of indirectly, as weird clay aberrations, but I'm wondering if there could be a more accurate way of detecting these. 

3. I love the new exporting options in Medium. Well done! I like how you can reduce by percentage the size and complexity of a sculpt, but could there be a way to also see the resulting size, in Mb, of the sculpt when adjusting the percent reduction slider up and down? This would help for using sites like shapeways which have size limits (e.g. 64Mb). It'd be nice to find that sweet spot on the first try without having to go back and forth into Medium or without having to use a third-party software like Meshlabs. 

Anyway, just some ideas. Thanks!


  • BattanBattan Posts: 2
    Greetings, I'm loving the software so far! I wonder though, would it be possible to add "reflection paint"?

    What i mean is that you could paint how much "metallic roughness" you want on your model in a similar way as you paint it with regular colors. And since you already have a good system for exporting Normal-map and textures it would then be possible to make a metallic-map using similar code. Specular map would also be great.

    If we had these features, this tool would be all i need to make game-assets. 
  • VoidSquidVoidSquid Posts: 1
    I think the Smooth tool could use distinct "fine detail" and "coarse form" modes.

    They could be swapped with a double tap of the gear icon, like other tools.

    Right now it's quite tedious to adjust the strength of the Smooth, esp. when much of the total range is too strong and unusable - only a narrow band of the total strength range is useful.
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