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Unity 5.6.2 Upgrade issues on Galaxy S7

vokedevelopervokedeveloper Posts: 4

I was curious to get any information regarding TA and SP fields in the VRApi logcat ? Is it related to thread affinity as well? 

When we build our project using Unity 5.4.2 we have the following log FPS=54,Prd=47ms,Tear=0,Early=18,Stale=5,VSnc=1,Lat=1,CPU2/GPU=2/2,1113/315MHz,OC=F,TA=C/0/C/C,SP=F/N/F/F,Mem=1017MHz,Free=990MB,PSM=0,PLS=0,Temp=32.0C/30.0C

and using Unity 5.6.2 we have

Both logs are taken from the Galaxy S7. The Galaxy S6/Note 5 work fine even after the upgrade.


  • vokedevelopervokedeveloper Posts: 4
    bump anyone??
  • VadymDobrohurskyiVadymDobrohurskyi Posts: 8
    edited August 2017
    bump anyone??
    Same here - compared to Exynos S6 (Android 7.0) - Snapdragon S7 (Android 6.0.1) is much-much slower. Trying to figure it out. Unity 2017.1.0p2
  • sfaoksfaok Posts: 193
    Same issue for me. S7 performance is much worse in 5.6 and 2017.1, other devices like S6 and Note 5 unaffected. Please report back if you manage to resolve the issue!
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