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Munkeyx's Budget Anima Surprise Deck

MunkeyxMunkeyx Posts: 4


For this season I wanted to challenge myself by getting to HC by using a basic champ, 3 rares max, and no epics.  This deck is the product of this goal.  I was able to get from rank 10 to HC.  I did manage to win most, but lost 3 times on the way to HC.  If you build this deck to be competitive, I strongly suggest you add more rares and epics to the deck to make it a little less of a “one tick pony” deck.

The concept for this deck is to give your opponent a false sense of security, and then bust him down when the time is right.  To archive that, you will be relying on your champion to do the most of the damage, then deal the remainder through other sources.

This deck does require a lot of planing and resource management to pull off.  You will have no shortage of cards, but with 14 spells in your deck, it will not momentum well.  The reason is because when a unit dies, you will get some mana back.  When you use a spell, all that mana is lost.  Because of the lack of momentum, I would suggest keeping most of your cards at 3 mana cost or less.

Tips On Faceing Factions:

This deck is played pretty much the same no matter what faction you fight against.

Deck Breakdown

Champion: West Wind Anima

Anima is considered to most to be the strongest basic champion.  Not only will it do nice damage to the opponents stronghold, it also gives you 10 mana.   This allows you to suddenly turn the tide in 1 turn.

It is important to pick a good lane to play her.  Look for a lane you can either clear out, or a lane that has a high health and low damage unit.  This will allow you to keep your Anima up longer.  If you save a mana dagger, don't be afraid to dagger you own 1 hp unit to clear the lane for Anima.  Sometimes your opponent will ignore a lane because it has a weak unit.

Try to always play your Anima with an Ancient Knowledge in your hand.  This will allow you to position Anima right on your opponents stronghold without them having any chance to block her.  Another good card to have in your hand you play Anima, is Ether Blast.  This will allow you to clear the lane and/or do more damage to your opponents stronghold.

Deck (16 Units, 0 Fort, 14 Spells):

(2)Create Gloem:  This card will allow you to get early momentum, and combos well with Sage Golems.  I suggest running 2 in your deck.

(1)Glyphtenders:  This unit combos well with all the golems in your deck.  I suggest only running 1 in your deck

(2)Scaled Martyr:  This Unit is a good counter the decks that will damage your early game units in hopes to energy stave you.  Also this will help with your mana problem at late game.  I recommend using this unit for that reason.

(2)Arranged Destiny: Mana daggers are an amazing spell.  For 1 Mana you can do 1 damage to a unit.  I would suggest saving one for a clutch play like killing off one of your 1 hp units to play Anima in that lane.  I strongly suggest running 2 in your deck.

(1)Propulsion Construct: A decent defender unit for low cost.  I would suggest only running 1 if you chose to put this unit in your deck.

(2)Acquisition Scouts: a nice 3 damage unit for 2 mana.  The topper is that you will a draw a card once it dies.  This unit is nice to have, but is not necessary.

(1)Champion's Flare:  I use this card to do a damage, and bring Anima quicker.  If you have this card after Anima is out, wait till the very end to play this card.  Maybe you can catch your opponent off guard and try to survive that last play with 1 hp left.  I would suggest to only run 1 in your deck.

(1)Heavy Ordnance:I have this in the deck to try to offset the lack of units in the deck.  You can kill a unit while keeping a unit you want to push with still on the board.  Another trick I have done with this card was to bypass a stealth unit blocking the stronghold.  This card is not necessary but I suggest running 1 in your deck.

(2)Azure Monks: This is a great unit to defend you keep a lane suppressed.  Its not that great at damaging the stronghold though.  I would still suggest running 2 in your deck.

(2)Sage Golems: This card combos well with all the other golems in your deck.  This is one of you major source of being able to draw a lot of cards to pull what you need.  I suggest running 2 in your deck.

(1)Unravel: This is the only fort destruction in the deck.  I chose this one to help with the mana issue.  I only suggest running one because you are able to draw a lot of cards with this deck.

(2)Zephyr Golem: This unit is a great unit to do damage to the enemy stronghold.  This unit also combos well with Ancient Knowledge.  I suggest running 2 in your deck.

(2)Ancient Knowledge:  This is the main card you want to have in your hand.  Your opponent has no chance to counter a sprint unit with rush.  Make sure you save the first one for your Anima.  The other one works best with a Zephyr Golem, but play it when ever you feel you want to attack with a unit.  You should have 2 in your deck,

(1)Nature's Wrath: A good card to either slow a unit down, or do direct damage to the stronghold.  I suggest playing this card at the very end of the game if you are planing on direct damaging the opponents stronghold.  This is so you can try to catch your opponent off guard with it.  This card is not necessary to have, and I suggest you only run 1 in the deck.

(1)Unseen Hands: Want to attack the stronghold with your grizzlys, but there is a pesky 1/1 in the way?  Your opponent just played a high damage unit to kill your Anima?  Not anymore with this card.  I find this card to be a game changer if played at the right time.  I would suggest running at least 1 in this deck.

(1)Shade Thamaturge: A good unit to help draw some additional cards.  This card is not necessary to have, and I suggest you only run 1 in the deck.

(1)Blessed Alignment:  I use this card for the 9 champion tokens.  This will help get you Anima out faster and unexpectedly.  I strongly suggest you run 1 and only 1 in you deck.

(1)Celestial Titan: I have this card in my deck to have a high hp defender.  This card is not necessary to have, and I suggest you only run 1 in the deck.

(2)Grizzly Mac: If you are not running at least one of these units in all your decks you are doing something wrong.  Great damage output, and it will give you cards every time it moves.  This includes push and pull ability's. I suggest running 2 in your deck.

(2)Ether Blast:  This is a great direct damage spell.  The card combos well when you play your Anima.  I suggest running 2 in your deck.

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