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Can someone please fix the point of aim for the touch controllers? Where is the solution for this

Action_BastardAction_Bastard Posts: 2
The touch controllers aim is very apparently off from the very first time using it, I had hoped once i got into the HMDs menus that I'd be able to configure things more finely, however, it seems that most of the options you configure during initial setup become unavailable once you are in the headset and are quite limited.
Right away, starting off in intro tutorial, the point of aim is far too high and off to the right for a controller with a forward facing pistol-type grip, and unfortunately that carries over into the games as well. There needs to be a universal adjustment setting for this if there is going to be any hope of tricking anyone into thinking that they aren't just holding a broken cock-eyed gun on the end of a magnetic vice grip.


  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,143 Volunteer Moderator
    Aim direction seems fine to me, and hasn't been a major complaint since Touch launched. Maybe try adjusting how you hold it?
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  • mikeaz1949mikeaz1949 Posts: 1
    I'm having the same aiming problems with my controller. Have repaired twice, used "settings" to retap and point of aim is still 90* different that the controller is
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