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Problem iwth EVE:Valkyrie

CPTOzzyCPTOzzy Posts: 5
I just bought Eve:Valkyrie.  when I boot it up it asks me to "Pres A" to accept, however it does not react when I push my A button with my Touch.  I reset up the Occulus, and even added the X-box fcontroller but it still won't reccognize the A button on either Device..How can I fix this - or get a refund


  • Ultralow36Ultralow36 Posts: 7
    works fine for me try unistalling the game
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 4,160 Valuable Player
    Try it with the xbox controller. It's been said in other threads that EVE:V doesn't work with gamepad emulation on the Touch controllers.
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  • CPTOzzyCPTOzzy Posts: 5
    How do I uninstall the game?
  • TeamZissouTeamZissou Posts: 1
    I have the same problem ;( , did you ever get it working?
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