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Still getting error when adding payment method

DavyBatsDavyBats Posts: 42
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No info is wrong. Simply wont let me add a payment method to buy anything from the store. Another day, another problem with Oculus. Somebody other than the mod please help because I know im just going to be told "Please submit a support ticket", which is valid but CS doesnt respond for at least 5 days or more.


  • vannagirlvannagirl Posts: 2,002 Valuable Player
    yes a ticket is the only valid way, no one here will be able to deal with billing not even Cyber if i understand

    have you try browser change, do you have a phone or tablet you can try, or any other device to what you are using?

    i have had portal issues on other sites, the above has always worked for me.
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  • SnackyAUSnackyAU Posts: 39
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    Sucks that you are having issue .. if you have yet to tie anything to your account and are able to start fresh would that help? Or have you already tied games / information to the account in question?

  • mvosonegromvosonegro Posts: 17
    I have submitted a support ticket but from another post here, I am not hopeful.  I tried 3 different cards, 2 different PC browsers, I tried my phone and my tablet and still not able to enter a payment option.  I have stuff already on this account and don't want to start over.
  • DavyBatsDavyBats Posts: 42
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    CS is an absolute joke. I submitted a ticket and they marked it as solved.. nothing about my problem was never even dealt with nevermind solved...
  • DavyBatsDavyBats Posts: 42
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    I have tried different devices and browsers..
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 4,942 Volunteer Moderator
    Have you tried doing it directly in the Oculus app? Click the little gear symbol at the top and you can enter a payment method in Settings/Payment.
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  • DavyBatsDavyBats Posts: 42
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    Yes. No dice.
  • DavyBatsDavyBats Posts: 42
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    They marked my ticket as solved with no response or no fix to my account. I dont understand this company.
  • koile87koile87 Posts: 1
    Same here, about 2 years ago i purchased some games for my gear vr with my credit card. Now that I have my rift i cannot add any payment methods. 

    Did you get a solution, yet?
  • What1711What1711 Posts: 1
    me too. i opened a ticket many months ago when i first started having this problem. support told me to "check credit card information to make sure its correct." im speechless. do ya think maybe i already tried that?  enough of my rudeness. 

    i recently tried buying things again, to no avail. same problems. i cant add any ccs. i can add paypal but then i get the "permissions error" where i cant buy anything anyway. i wanted to buy all the packs from the summer sale, but that ships sailed. now there are other games on sale that i want. i feel oculus doesnt want my money >.<
  • Luya21Luya21 Posts: 20
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    I have the same issue it won't let me purchase anything with that error when there is nothingwrongwith my card
  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 26,156 Oculus Staff
    Sorry, I'm not sure what the issue is. Best to submit a support ticket for assistance.
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  • Luya21Luya21 Posts: 20
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    edited September 2017
    I have 5 now and never got back from them for a week now
  • MadMan79MadMan79 Posts: 14
    Dealing with this issue too. I have to give props where deserved and the support team has been all over this issue. No resolution yet, but they're in contact with me on a consistent basis.
  • NugTheNuggetNugTheNugget Posts: 4
    Did you guys ever get a fix? I just got this problem now and it’s very frustrating. 
  • griet.verbekegriet.verbeke Posts: 2
    Same problem. Does anyone has the solution?
  • dshulman111dshulman111 Posts: 1
    same problem...i just wanna play superhot
  • JlheerJlheer Posts: 4
    *Solved?* (Worked for me)
    You probable maked your account with a existant facebook account right? Then follow my instructions

    -Disconnect your facebook account from the oculus account (On the app)

    -Fabric reset your quest/rift s/rift/go

    -Erase all the data from your oculus app and uninstall it

    -Re-install the oculus app and login with the same account (already disconnected from the facebook account)

    -Do all the setup, You can add the payment method in the setup process (Should accept now the card/paypal) or do it later, It should still work.


    Discovered this myself by the way. (Only the "Facebook disconnect and erase data and uninstall" part)
  • Digital FlightDigital Flight Posts: 12

    this is what iv got so far not good


    Oculus Support
    Chat started
    If you are going to answer me as i can not buy any games how do i get my money back for my DK2 CV1 and oculus rift S
    Sheana joined the chat
    Hello Neil. Welcome to Oculus Support. I see you have an open ticket. Please give me 3 - 5 minutes to review.
    Looks like Dylan is handling your ticket.
    Please allow us time to review this further.
    yes but he is not anwering me
    I understand this as there are many ticket we handle a day. He will be able to reach out to you as soon as he can with more information.
    Have you attempted adding your payment method through our website?:
    no not good enough he was quick enough to say try other things but it has not worked and yes i have tried
    At this time, we will have to continue with our email support as we look into this further.
    so no support from you then
    We will need to investigate this further for you. We will reach back out to you as soon as possible via email.
    The ticket number is 858865. Please keep an eye on your email for further information.
    that's not good enough if i can not get new games then i wont my money back for all my oculus rifts ie dk2 cv1 and rifts
    If you have any questions in regards to refunds, you can view our policy information here:
    We will do our best to have your issue resolved as soon as possible.
    wow what a shit thing to send all the money i have spent with oculus
    Your concerns are understandable, which is why I assure you that we will get back to you as soon as possible.
    do you have a uk call number wich i can call
    This is not something we will be able to resolve for you over the phone.
    Principe joined the chat
    Greetings Neil, unfortunately the situation isn't able to be addressed over chat. This is as we're looking into the cause of the issue.
    Due to such we ask for your patience while we review the case and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
    Sheana left the chat
    I see that it has been past on
    It is simple my bank says you are refunding the payment
    The situation at hand is you're inability to attach a new payment method and purchase content, correct? As this is the issue, we're reviewing the cause. However you are welcome to test another Oculus Account to verify the cause for us.
    If another account resolves it, then it's an issue on our backend that we're currently looking into for you, however if it doesn't, then it's an issue with your payment method.
    yes but i have removed my card and tried again but now it will not let me add the card
    Regardless we ask for your patience. There should be an update in the next 1-2 business days as the appropriate team is only in during the business week.
    Is there any other issues or concerns that we can look towards addressing in the meantime?
    wow just get rid of me not good no the is nothing you can help with
    It's not that we're attempting to get rid of you, however as the cause isn't something that I'm immediately able to address, nor has been identified the appropriate team needs to review the cause.
    I have read the forum and I am not unique in this. this is why i ask for my money back for all my oculus rifts
    The cause of the issue would vary from user to user as not all financial institutions are the same and that not every case would be identical. As for refunds of older devices, our return policy if purchased from the webstore is within 30 days.
    if i can not buy new content then what is the point
    The point is that we ask for your patience of another 1-2 business days so that we can review the cause for your inability to re-attach the payment method and inability to purchase new content.
    ! to 2 days we will see
    i am not happy
    Understandable, however are looking to identify and hopefully address the cause as soon as possible.
    ps its nice of Dylan to get back to me not :-(
    You should receive an update in the next 1-2 business days in Ticket #858865. Any further questions or concerns should be asked there, as creating new chats won't expedite the review process.
    what can i say oculus at it beast bye
    Fare thee well, I look forward to updating you in 1-2 business days.
  • Digital FlightDigital Flight Posts: 12
    this is shit

    i just got the Oculus  s and cant get any games for it error paymant
  • HnossTheSupportHnossTheSupport Posts: 1
    edited October 26
    For anyone having this issue, I was having the same problem. I couldn't add payment method in the Oculus app or on the website. I was using the Chrome browser. When I switched to Firefox, I was able to set a payment method for my Oculus account on the website. The app still wouldn't let me do it. Hopefully, that helps.

    Considering their CS hasn't addressed this issue in 2 years, I suspect they never will. My speculation is security features associated with permissions of the Oculus app are resulting in data loss when attempting to encrypt CC data.
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