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"We are not able to process your order with the address you provided."

BarryLaserbeamBarryLaserbeam Posts: 1
I'm trying to purchase the Summer of Rift bundel, but it keeps telling me that there is something wrong with my address. I've tried to change everything that might cause an error (capitals, hyphens, etc...), but to no avail. I've checked to see if my address meets the requirements and it did even before i tried to change things. I really have no clue what's going on.


  • NosferazielNosferaziel Posts: 1
    edited July 17
    I have the same issue (I live in France), I opened a ticket with the Support but for now they still haven't found why this error appeared... You should open a ticket!

    Edit: A quick search on the forum shows that this problem is relatively common, you can try to delete all special characters on your address (it seems to work for some, not for me though) but the best solution is probably to open a ticket.
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