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Your Dream VR Experience in 3 Bullet Points.

Smashed_PumpkinSmashed_Pumpkin Posts: 68
Hiro Protagonist
Hi everyone,
I'm planning on getting started on developing a VR experience and I thought I'd make a thread to get a feel for what people are wanting to see in VR. My plan is to make something with significant replay value but that doesn't feel too grindy.

I'll kick the thread off with some of my highly idealistic ideas:

  1. Action RPG with roguelike elements using the idea of making a "run" into a dungeon to gather loot / experience and then return inscathed. Risk vs Gain decision making and suspense.
  2. Combat based on hybrid system of stats and physical effort. Basic Melee and Ranged attacks using finessed motion, supplemented by cooldown based abilities.
  3. Some element of procedural generation of dungeon levels / encounters. Loot would play a big role, hence the stats based element of combat.
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