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Gun controller for SG VR Oculus Rift

vrMyfriendvrMyfriend Posts: 1
Hi everyone.
I got this Samsung Gear VR oculus rift last year, hoping to bring my FPS experience to a new level. However i can't seem to find a good yet consumer friendly app and the gun controller to be used with on oculus site. Is there actually games like COD i can play on my vr at this stage? There is some information on the internet but it is also confusing as to whether it is compatible or not with the set i have.

Thank you for your support


  • JMDaemonJMDaemon Posts: 45
    Brain Burst
    In short, no. Only the Rift and Vibe controllers support 3d space positioning needed for a realistic gun stock. The Gear vr controller (and daydream wand) allow for an analog pointer in games where before you either had to aim by sight or a game pad. However the vr controllers are effectively attached to your hip and are simply a six axis motion sensor. As it is most fps games do not support the newer vr controllers as it requires explicit support. 
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