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Munkeyx's Beginners Guide to Quickly Building Your Collection (Updated 7/25/17)

MunkeyxMunkeyx Posts: 4
edited July 2017 in Dragon Front


This guide is intended to help a new person to Dragon Front to get the biggest bang for their buck when they are working on building their card collection. This guide is factoring in both real money purchase, and gold you get in the game.

I will not be telling you not to buy anything with real money, but how you can get the most for your dollar. I do like this game, so I do hope you support HVS to keep this game going.

If you have any questions feel free to ask it here, or in their discord channel.

The Math:

When I factor how much US Dollars is worth in gold, I look at the price of 1 pack.

1 Pack = 300 Gold = $1

This is also backed up the cost of a key

1 Key = 600 Gold = $2

With these two points you can see $1 = 300 Gold

When Factoring in time, I am considering a typical game is about 20 Minutes (10-30 Minutes game time).

Suggestions On How To Efficiently Build Up Your Collection:

Level Each One Of Your Factions to 5:

By the time you hit level 5, will get 3 packs. 1 at level 1, 1 at level 3, and 1 at level 5. After that, You will only get gold at level 20, 30 and 40. By leveling each basic faction to 5, you will get a total of 12 free packs. This is also nice because by level 5 you can get the feel how the faction plays, and decide which faction you want to focus on. If you do get the DLC factions (Silence, Essence, and Delirium) you can earn an additional 9 packs.

Play Multiplayer Ranked:

When you play multiplayer ranked you can earn 30 Gold for a Win and 10 Gold for a lose. On top of that, you can earn extra packs, gold, and scrap at the end of the season (a season is a month). See “What are Seasons, and do Seasons matter?” section at for the rewards list.

You will spend roughly 3.3 Hours to get one pack if you get gold only from ranked and win every match. You will spend roughly 10 Hours to get one pack if you get gold only from ranked and lose every match.

You will not get any gold from Practice, Conquest, or playing with a friend.

Do Your Daily Missions:

Every day you will get a mission. This will usually give you 120G. That is equivalent to winning 4 games, or losing 12 games. You can have up to 3 missions at a time, and you have 5 days to complete the mission. You will not get a new mission if you have 3 missions already.

Don't Do Conquest Until You Have A Good Deck/Collection:

Conquest is designed to be for the players that want to play with a challenge. Once you have a good deck and collection, feel free to do the first section of each faction. That will be a total of 7 free packs.

Buy Packs Before Keys:

Like I mentioned above Conquest is more designed to challenge a player that has a good collection already. You will spend 600G for 1 Key. You will get 1 pack upon finishing the first 5 sections but you will have to win 5 games without getting gold for the victory. With the 300 extra cost in gold, and the gold from victory's, you could have bought another 1.5 packs.

600 gold to buy a key – 1 free pack(-300) + gold for win/lose (~150 Gold) = 450 Gold loss per section of conquest.

On a side note you you do not get a pack for the last section of conquest.  You will only get the champ.  With that in mind you could have at least 3000 Gold extra for packs once you finish a faction and get your conquest champion. That is enough gold for 10 packs per faction when you are done with the conquest. That is also factoring you wining every game.  If you lose some, that will be more gold you will lose.

Only Buy A Mask For The Looks, And Not The For The Extra Gold:

Some of the new masks show that you will get an extra 5 gold per game. Do not buy a mask for that reason. $8 comes out to be about 2400 Gold. It will take you roughly 480 games to break even with the 5 gold bonus. That is roughly 160 hours of game time with 1 faction to break even. Also keep in mind the mask only works with one faction

Only buy a mask if you like the looks of it.

Take Advantage Of The Flash Sales:

You have a rare chance of getting a sale offer when you finish a game. During the first month, I received 2 offers. One was the 3 DLC faction, and 10 packs for $20. The other one was 10 packs for $4. Both of these are good deals, and you should take advantage of them if your willing to pay the money for them. The kicker is that you have to purchase it right then, or you will lose the offer.

Once I got the two offers, I didn't see another sale for about a month.

Log Into The Game Every Day:

As of 7/25/17, daily log in rewards was implemented.  This is usually get either 60 Gold or 100 Scrap, daily Weekly Booster packs, Mysterious anomaly after 30 consecutive days.  As of the time of updating this guide, no one knows what the Mysterious anomaly is. 

Save Your Scrap For Good Epics:

You will start getting some scrap once you finally get a good amount of cards.  You can buy specific cards with the scrap.  I suggest saving your scrap for strong unaligned epic rarity units to start out with.  This way you can play those units in most of your decks.  Clockwork Drake and B70 Bomber are great first choices.  See for more information on scrapping.

Change Log:

7/25/17: Fixed the math for the loss of gold for playing conquest.  Originally did the math for 5 free packs, and you only get 4 packs Per each faction on conquest.  Added "Log Into The Game Every Day," and "Save Your Scrap For Good Epics" sections to the guide


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