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Importing stamps doesn't work?

ecobrieecobrie Posts: 5
Hey All, 

Loving Medium so far.  I've tried importing several different obj's into the Stamps import folder and I don't get an error code or anything.  Sometimes the game will just go slower and I'll have to restart but recently, there is no sign that anything happened. No error or correction, just...nothing.

Any ideas?

Did the quad thing get fixed yet , maybe that's it?


  • FrozenPeaFrozenPea Posts: 2,535 Valuable Player
    If you attach your obj file here I'm sure someone on the Medium team can check it out then :)
  • MattHickmanMattHickman Posts: 359 Oculus Staff
    After you drag them into the _Import directory you have to manually import them as a stamp within Medium by going to your Library->Stamps and in the lower right there is a Import button. You should get notifications if the stamps import properly, or fail.

    If you're having an issue with a particular OBJ not importing, like FrozenPea said, you can post it here and we'll have a look! 
  • ecobrieecobrie Posts: 5
    I would love to attach one, but it says that file is not allowed. (2mb obj)
  • MattHickmanMattHickman Posts: 359 Oculus Staff
    1) Try just opening and resaving in 3D builder (make a backup because 3D builder will wipe out the normals) then import, this seems to be fixing most OBJs that won't import.
    2) Can you put it on google drive or dropbox or something like that?
  • ecobrieecobrie Posts: 5
    Thanks Matt, The 3D builder import export did the trick!  
  • Sterling77Sterling77 Posts: 514
    Whats the option if your on Win 7 and dont have 3d Builder ?? Im also having trouble again getting this to be less trial and error. 
  • MattHickmanMattHickman Posts: 359 Oculus Staff
    edited August 2017
    Resaving in Meshmixer or Meshlab should do the trick.

    If it's small enough (25mb or less) even just uploading and saving from TinkerCAD would work.
  • DejvrecordDejvrecord Posts: 10
    Hi, I can't import stamps. with error message that media could not read the directory path 
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